Moving To South Africa Checklist

So you have chosen to move to South Africa! 

Whether you are moving to South Africa interestingly or whether you are returning after a long stretch out of the nation, we have assembled an indispensable agenda for you to use as a beginning piece.


Travel papers

  • Are they substantial and for how long?
  • The general dependable guideline is to have a substantial visa with at least 6 months left before renewal

ID books

  • No ID, no smiley! This is such a basic bit of documentation to have before touching base in SA, on the off chance that you plan to open up financial balances, utility records, get work offers and so forth. This is the South African’s rendition of a book of scriptures and it ought to be conveyed everywhere


  • All visas which are issued by the Department of Home Affairs/South African High Commission in the UK, must be connected for and cleared before leaving the UK

International ID pictures

  • Recent international ID pictures are fitting to have as this will be required when applying for anything from ledgers, driver’s licenses, school applications, auto enlistments etc.

Driver’s permit

  • Foreign national? At that point guarantee you apply for a universal driver’s permit before leaving your nation of cause, and additionally ensuring that your ebb and flow driver’s permit is up to date

Specialists records

  • Ensure you have a la mode duplicates of every one of specialists’ records that highlight any immunisations, real diseases or medications that should be proceeded with when moving back to South Africa

Medical coverage

  • It is constantly best to agree to brief medical coverage before you move to South Africa
  • This is a standard advantage of any representative who is offered a work opportunity in South Africa (otherwise called restorative aid)


  • Renting first? You will require past rental understandings and additionally a duplicate of your present rental assention so as to set up administrations for the running of your rental property


  • This is a territory where strong pre-arranging and early choices must be made


  • While clutching your universal banks records are emphatically prompted, it is an enormous preferred standpoint to open up a nearby South African bank account


  • Once you have your rent assention or evidence of procurement on a house in South Africa, a financial balance set up, you are currently prepared to come to your nearby power supplier, of which there is just a single, ESKOM, and set up a power account

Cell phone, home telephone & internet

  • This is a radical new brute to handle. The center supplier for land-line services is Telkom, so at the end of the day it would be snappier for you to set up your cell phone contract than a land-line service inside your home

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